Friday, July 1, 2011

July 4th Festive Decor

I am not usually one to decorate for the 4th of July but a couple things happened today that pushed me in that direction. First, my Silhouette came today!!!

I was dying to make something, and ended up making some patriotic bunting!

Secondly, the fabulous hubby brought home some beautiful flowers, just because! Love them! (and him!)

 Lastly, after dinner we went to the dollar store, I was getting some candy to refill our apothecary jars and the hubby suggested that I keep the patriotic theme and get red, white, and blue candy. (it isn't that easy to find each color per candy type, so we ended up with cinnamon discs, peppermints, and bazooka gum which has blue packaging.)
I swapped out my green runner for my blue and white table cloth my mom got me in Egypt and it all came together nicely! I also picked up some cute plates at the Dollar Tree for our festivities this weekend! I cannot wait for my family to get here! I have been working on some special treats for their arrival on Sunday! We have a very special guest this year and I am so excited to spend some time with her!

Just wanted to share this simple festive decor idea with you, just in case some of you are still searching for something for the holiday! Even without the bunting, I just love the color and excitement that the candy brings! Happy Independence Day!

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