Saturday, June 25, 2011

Date Night- Craft Night

Happy Saturday! Last night I had the most AMAZING surprise date night! Yes, I am bragging about my amazing husband, but he deserves it! We had a 3 part date night and it started at Crazy Glaze, it's a paint your own pottery studio, I think most towns have their own version. It was a blast! We each painted a vase. I was excited to make something that we could use in our decor. We went to another pottery studio when we first started dating and painted elephants and surfboards (real mature right?) and now we have no where to use them (well, actually,my elephant is next to my sink to hold my rings!).
  It is hard to see in the picture but Gabe painted his vase with 3 different colors in random stripes up the vase. It is going to look so cool when it is finished!

 I painted a taller vase. I decided to keep it pretty simple. I am not the best at details with a paint brush. So to avoid frustration and taking 3 hours to make it perfect, I was really happy with just a solid blue and a light mint green to accent the curves of my vase.
They will be ready next Friday! Can't wait to see how they turn out! Part 2 of our date was dinner at Logan's (this was also where we had our very first date 4 years ago!). They have the best rolls!!! Part 3 was going to the movies- we saw Bridesmaids and laughed our faces off (that was for you Amy Louise- if you even read this!). I was so impressed with all parts of date night! He is just so thoughtful and creative! (tired of my bragging yet?!)

Before I go, my dad has passed on his Nikon D50 to me for a while and I am in love. So much so that I ordered a cute strap cover to make it more "me" while I am using it!!! I got it from a cute Etsy shop, XcessFabrics. Some of her straps are still at their introductory price as she gets started, go check them out!
Don't you just love the ruffles?!
Have a great Saturday! We are off to grab coffee and maybe hit up some late yardsales!

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  1. What a fun date night, Ben surprised me with painting pottery on one of our first date nights, it was one of the best...but we haven't done it since, maybe I can sneak that date in while I am visiting him. Love that picture of you with the bottle!!!