Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Yard SaleTray Makeover

Remember this tray I found at a yardsale for $1? 
(Callie has a  hard time not being in every picture!)
I decided to paint it, I liked the wood look but it just didn't fit anywhere well. 
So I started gathering all color possibilities...
After playing around with some different options, I decided to do a teal/white mixture. This picture is after one coat. I really liked the original wood still shining through. I still did a few more coats but aimed to let that wood show through.
Here is the final product:

It is now on the kitchen table, not sure if it is staying there or not, but I like it for now.

I am loving these hydrangeas from my in-laws house with a single gardenia to sweeten the whole house.
One thing I don't love about this tray is that it does not hold much weight very well. It will be used more to decorate and not be as functional as other trays I own but that is ok with me!

Also, my dad is letting me use his camera, so I have added some new photos of our house to the "our house" tab above! Check them out!

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  1. I love the color you chose and it looks beautiful with those flowers! Nice job! :)