Monday, May 25, 2015

DIY Lazy Susan

 photo ED5AD162-6818-4C44-B19E-17F51EBB394E_zpsjbgrf2jg.jpg

Needed Supplies:
  • Tray or Plate- Mine is a yardsale find for $3
  • Lazy Susan turntable- I bought mine from Home Depot for under $5
  • Paint for tray
  • Glue (not pictured)- I used...Loctite All Purpose Go2 Glue

 photo 3D7516EF-7EA7-4612-B47B-A21DFD9AAC36_zpsbvvzncgn.jpg

 photo 0F14E487-C210-48AD-B413-2BCB08899893_zpscgwt1fsx.jpg

First, I painted the tray a light gray color. 

 photo 267E4D9C-82EF-4406-8744-2B7351D8443F_zpsfyzfvb1j.jpg

 photo E166E214-3BB9-43D9-AA19-F3565C7E00CE_zpsmjiygq6a.jpg

Once it dried, I glued the turntable onto the bottom of the tray. I stacked some books on to keep the turntable in place while the glue dried.
 photo 4174D5E0-62D4-4804-9A8A-244666D7C1D9_zpsrpuozajx.jpg

Once the glue dries, you are ready to use it! 

 photo 5ED37C03-50FD-4391-81BC-D6D9F1063D69_zpsj70pv5x1.jpg

 photo D407BEF3-5F4E-4C60-92C7-65FDCFD2DF96_zpsrqmypdte.jpg

I also tried it out with craft supplies because I think it would be awesome in the middle of a craft table to house all of your supplies! 

 photo 05C10240-20B2-4601-BC5D-D6432BD78B06_zpsv8oipne7.jpg

 photo C8402E3C-8D01-403C-B45B-17EB2C7B883E_zps1xq0fcnr.jpg

It will be finding a home on my best friend, Allie's, table! This was such an easy and cheap project. I am excited to make another one in the future!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Man Cave- Garage Edition

(This post is brought to you by my hubby! Mr. Thrifty Finds himself, GABE!)

When we moved into our new home, the one thing I was not sure about was how we would adjust going from a two car garage down to a one car garage. Originally, we were thinking about the option of adding on to the existing one car garage to make it a two car. After getting some estimates done, we decided to opt out of the big expense of adding on and decided to spend a little money to make the one car garage, the ultimate one car garage.

When I began looking at the space in the garage, I noticed the potential that this garage had. I began dreaming of the possibilities. Here are some before pics of the garage...

The first thing I knew I wanted in the garage was some overhanging shelves. I found a company that would build the shelves within a couple of days and they did a great job. The real benefit of having the suspended shelves is it keeps a lot of things off of the garage floor.

Speaking of the garage floor...that is probably my favorite part of the garage. I found a local company, The Carolina Floor Project, that did an outstanding job on the floor. Jason spent three days working on the floor and it was well worth it.

Around this same time, I painted the garage with a gray, black, and red paint theme. I painted the walls grey, the trim and steps black, and the doors and railing red.
 photo F08C77F7-F538-4DF2-92C0-0230192604BA_zpsvuzruoy7.jpg

The next thing I knew I wanted to incorporate was some diamond plate cabinets and other accessories. I found these Gladiator cabinets off of Craigslist for a fraction of the price they are online. They were still brand new in the box. I bought the three tall floor cabinets and two wall mounted cabinets.
 photo F1514F3F-D183-4B5C-BAC5-C561FA1FC087_zpsqbefhrfq.jpg

 photo CE376F24-4584-4DBF-B27A-01FCE1AD7FA0_zps3ags8ra5.jpg

This is a pulley system bike rack that I purchased off of Amazon. Very easy to install and it works great!
 photo B4ACB4F9-37A2-4036-9487-DB433F7B63AE_zpsrtfz2ec0.jpg

Katie wanted to keep the brooms and mops in the garage, so I had to find a sleek way to store them, I found this diamond plate broom/mop holder and while I was at it, got a diamond plate key holder and shelf.
 photo 1026D8CC-FE6E-46C3-8A9D-3225F89F076F_zpsswpaxb5p.jpg

 photo FAAD94CF-E98D-4E14-974D-E49B227BF125_zpsugvhcj9w.jpg

This clock was a cool find on ebay. It is a custom made clock made from a vintage child's wagon wheel.
 photo DC14CADE-98F5-433D-8BD8-C37210457122_zpsqxanockc.jpg

Another awesome find, was this workbench I found on Craigslist. The top is made out of an old bowling alley lane. I added the big caster wheels to make it easy to roll on the new garage floor.
 photo 158B960F-AB94-42D1-9770-09AACD4B01A9_zps2lwltsyd.jpg

I have wanted an air hose reel for a while and found this chrome one on ebay. I mounted it to the wall with a piece of 3/4" plywood and covered the plywood with a piece of diamond plate to give it a more polished look.
 photo C07F3C46-BB61-475D-8952-7F27F54F5161_zps08yaopaj.jpg

Another neat find was this paper towel holder that also has a shelf to put hand cleaner and other garage essentials.
 photo CA7EAF3E-1177-4DC0-8927-E9BCA6E461C0_zpszgllxaed.jpg

To go with my shop theme, I had to find a good looking trash can. I found this commercial style trash can on Craigslist. It was originally green and chrome, so I repainted it red to match the color scheme.
 photo 78196DD5-064B-4257-8421-DC360F3CBAEE_zpsq2fgy1ix.jpg

And this is the ride that gets to call this garage home. It is a 1966 VW Beetle that is an absolute blast to drive and a real head-turner!
 photo 9A768E1D-14F5-4B82-ABB6-C76052852B1D_zpsttohqhvh.jpg

 photo A881B0E6-DD63-49C2-B4E4-8314F10CB10B_zps116dfdwg.jpg

 photo C0577755-A839-4919-94FF-800A701FD2EF_zpsjiwxsnwj.jpg

 photo 74A5A355-33E4-4BC6-A47C-A4F6EF796A84_zpszhje9ohm.jpg

It was a fun project to take on and I think it turned out even better than I had originally dreamed. In the end, I have more room in this garage than I did in my previous two car garage.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Cups for Days- from Magnolia Market

My sweet mom is a huge fan of the show Fixer Upper. I am too but I have to admit that, since I don't have cable, I don't watch often. I do keep up with the show on social media and have fallen in love with their products in Magnolia Market!

My mom surprised me with this awesome "Cups for Days" rack that we had both been eyeing! I was so thrilled to find a spot for it in our house. It is right inside the kitchen area where you can easily grab a mug and make some coffee!

 photo 5C481405-A9CD-4B95-A36E-980859890D4E_zpsfegkh2re.jpg

I decided to hang some white and teal mugs up for now. I may be swapping them out later but i'm liking the way it looks currently. 

 photo 7AFAD648-6024-40A7-912E-D1A3ADF46604_zpscpp7tdba.jpg

A few more pics to show it off a little more...

 photo F067017A-0149-4149-9F5C-295CCA7BAAB7_zps257bprxz.jpg

 photo 46D12326-A033-4297-AC36-0619BE7139D8_zpspd6ceunr.jpg

 photo B64FAAD3-631A-4CA1-8838-501F0752AE15_zpssnienume.jpg

What do you think? Have you ever ordered anything from Magnolia Market? Are you a fan of Fixer Upper?

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Hostess Tip

 photo D822C8DF-644B-4D25-9D37-D8699327E95D_zps8errmczm.jpg

My mom is the ultimate hostess. No one has ever stepped foot in her home without feeling comfortable, welcomed, and loved. She goes above and beyond what most people do when having guests. Over the years I have watched her and I've picked up on a few things. When I have people over, I find myself channeling her and wondering what she would do to make everyone more comfortable and at home.

Today I just want to share an extremely simple hostessing tip (copied from my mom) that will come in handy for overnight and day time visitors. Mouthwash! So simple but so nice. We have a little bottle of mouthwash in our downstairs half bath. My mom has them in all of the bathrooms in the house! It's so nice as a guest to be able to use some mouthwash after a meal!

I bought a canning bottle from Target for our mouthwash. An oil and vinegar bottle would also work really well. I bought a pack of little disposable cups as well. Then, you just need the mouthwash to put in the bottle and you are good to go!

Here are a few more pics of our half bath with the mouth wash!
 photo DD31D14A-6B7B-456B-88AF-0BF69B391780_zpss4k7bn4y.jpg

This adorable sign above was a house warming gift from my bestie, Allie. I LOVE it!

 photo 646158A4-91AC-4AB6-8335-21B99307057F_zpshxltp8pz.jpg

 photo 5EB86E70-150A-492D-9E3D-7ABF051C6011_zpsmhmqcddk.jpg

What are some things you do to make your guests feel m ore comfortable?!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Our Back Deck

 photo 6778e01c-ea91-4610-bef4-c8adda15141d_zpsqmhfpoab.jpg

We are loving our back deck at the new house. It is the perfect cozy spot to have a meal, roast a marshmallow, or sit and snuggle.

Our vintage glider was a Craigslist find that we have repainted a few times over the past few years. It rocks so smoothly. We spend a lot of time on this glider after little man goes to bed. It's a great place to unwind after a long day. 

 photo 3AEB097B-D015-4B9C-8B34-B8043A8B9668_zpsjjtoifb6.jpg

The table is shaded by our umbrella. Our chiminea sits in the corner for cool nights when we are wanting a s'more.
 photo 4D415759-2CD1-4635-B406-2ABF6FDC7D7D_zpsqonrv12b.jpg

This big cozy chair is a hand me down from my parents. It was purchased from Costco originally. It is a great nap spot on a warm afternoon!

 photo 5D1FE794-990D-4373-A41A-622A65F7810C_zpstxa5arpa.jpg

 photo 53063A8F-6580-4E01-83E3-F6AE142F2B29_zpshttxh8pv.jpg

This metal bar cart is perfectly distressed and rusty. It's a great drop spot for drinks and snacks while spending time outside.

 photo C4379BE2-40BA-4838-8EC9-02E8E5142FE7_zpsa0rl14l1.jpg

 photo 4CDF7EFC-54E0-4C40-BCA1-EC6732BA722E_zpsd67x0ptb.jpg
This weekend we had a family gathering to celebrate Mother's Day. We spent a lot of our time on the back deck. It was such a beautiful day for an outdoor gathering!

 photo 2229C04E-07C1-4FFB-B0EE-0B21405C3E1F_zpsndkdswhk.jpg

 photo AABCAF71-885C-4083-8A93-EB2AF1E9931D_zpsok1ibclg.jpg