Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Chevron Buffet Top

Our dining area buffet has been missing something for a while now and I have been drooling over all of the beautiful chevron projects in blogland lately. So, last night while the hubby was at softball practice, I decided to try out the chevron design on our buffet top!

Here is our green buffet, freshly cleaned, ready for business.

I printed out a stencil (my printer tried but was out of ink so I had to trace over it!) that I found online. I then cut out the skinny zigzags, this was where I was going to put the painter's tape so that in the end, the skinny zigzags would be left green. This is when I really wished I had a Silhouette that would've print and cut the stencil for me but I didn't, so i did it by hand. Also, since my printer was out of ink, I only used one stencil. Looking back, it would've been much easier if I had multiple stencils to tape down the length of the buffet to ensure that the pattern stayed straight.

 I then started to lay the tape inside of my stencil, moving the stencil across the buffet as I went.

 My first row completed! Yay! The first one was the hardest and took the longest, after that one, I cruised.

 Now with all rows complete! I paused here to make sure the tape was really sticking before I applied paint.

 I decided to use a white Acrylic paint for my chubby zigzags and I applied it with a sponge brush. Any brush would've worked, it was just all I had inside and I was too lazy to go to the garage for a different one.

 Then I started applying my first coat.

 I did a total of 3 coats, letting the paint dry some in between them.

 This was the exciting part! Peeling off the tape to see the finished result!

 Ahh! I love it! There were some small imperfections from where tape wasn't laid perfectly but you really can't tell!

 The hardest part now was waiting for it to dry to put my stuff back on it! The best part was my hubby coming home and saying "You did all this while I was gone?! It looks great!" Isn't it nice when your hard work is noticed?

This morning everything got to go back on the buffet. I was excited to see the final result!

 I also went a little paint happy and spray painted our lamp gray. It was originally off-white and it clashed with the new white stripes! I am loving the gray!

Had to show off my key plates! My mom sent them to me!! I LOVE them!

 Key plates again, each with a different design! :)
Love my Anthropologie vase on the Chevron as well. Thanks again Tay and Lauren for my vase! :)

Here are some other Chevron Projects that I love....

I love this table runner from A Thoughtful Place. I think I may make this myself!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Solving the "Who's drink is this?" Mystery

Today we celebrated my father-in-law's 50th birthday. My mother-in-law was hosting the party but we offered our home as the meeting place for the family- so it was somewhat of a team effort to pull it off. She came up with the cutest theme of the Andy Griffith Show (one of his favorite shows.) She made menu placemats and used diner style table cloths to transform our dining table into Mayberry's Bluebird Diner!

We decided to use mason jars for our drinks. I wanted to create a little something to mark the glasses so that we could easily keep up with whose glass was whose (is that how you say that? haha), Since there were ten of us, I thought it might be helpful!

I have a paper cutter in the shape of the little tags- like a gift tag. Next, I just stuck letter stickers on them, indicating everyone's first initial, hole punched them, and tied them around the mason jars with yarn. I think they turned out really cute and they took me no time to do! I think I will make them again next time we have a big group over! Even without the tag paper punch it would've been easy to make, just a little extra time to cut out the tags by hand!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Favorite Flea Market Finds

It is a running joke around our house that everything we have is from the flea market. While that isn't 100% true, we do have a lot of things from the flea market. I wanted to show you some of my favorite finds that we have purchased at the flea market in the past 2 years. I emphasize the fact that these were bought over the last two years because we didn't get it all in one trip and it took may trips to find it all but we LOVE the flea market so it was all worth the days of searching! I don't remember all of the prices but if I do I will post those as well!

 Dresser in guest bedroom- $25

 Window #1 of my window obsession- over guest bed (it is a mirror)

 Window #2- Over Master bed- originally red but painted green- $15 (also a mirror)

 Window #3- In hallway- Is not a mirror- Painted gray with mini wreath hanging in it

 Welcome metal basket-hanging in living room- made from a WWII Sugar Tin- hand carved- $10

 Both at mantel: Wooden Buoy- $10 and Wood and Iron cross- $15

 One of my many birdhouses

 Coca-cola tray- on shelf of coffee table- $15

 Blue Birdcage- in kitchen- $20 (a little high but I HAD to have it!)

 Vintage Breadbox- in kitchen- only $5!

 While this tin isn't really one of my favorite finds, I wanted to show off my herb's growth!

 I love this tray in the center of our table. When I picked it up at the flea market, the vendor shouted "$3" and it was sold!

 Metal vintage keys- $5

 Vintage key- hanging in hallway- $5

Metal cross- $5

We have a few other iron pieces that I posted about previously that are both from the flea market. You can check those out here.

I can't wait for another beautiful Saturday to come along so we can go explore even more!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Raleigh Area Craiglist Finds

Just browsing the internet in my hotel room and ran across some great Craigslist finds in the Raleigh area! They would be great to pick up this weekend and refinish in your garage while it rains :) They all have lots of potential and some are great as is! Enjoy!

 Coffee Table with Game Boards built into drawers! $50

Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend Projects- Burlap Letter and New Pillow!

Yesterday, while at Joann's Fabrics, I bought a cardboard "N." They are only $2-3, which is such a great deal. At first I couldn't decide what I wanted to do with it; cover it with moss, cover it with buttons, or.... you get the picture, there are just so many cute options, it was hard to choose!

I decided on covering my "N" in burlap! It seemed like the simplest option and I am just in love with burlap. All I did was cut my burlap to the size of the letter and then I hot-glued it on. It took me no time! I am in love it with it already!

Ever since I made my napkin pillow, I have been wanting more of the yellow print in our living room! I just love the color and pattern!

I could've made another one just like it but it would've required buying a new pillow form. Since I already had a larger pillow form, I decided to sew two of the napkins together to make one large pillow. I also made some new fabric flowers and decorated the pillow with them. I am loving it!

I picked up a few other goodies this weekend that I wanted to share as well!

I picked up this vase filler yesterday at the Dollar Tree. I am loving it in this vase and only for $1!

I got these cute mini vases this weekend too! There were $14 for the set and I tied little ribbons around them to add some color! I can't wait to fill them with sweet little flowers!

I would typically spread my projects out across multiple posts but I am heading to Orlando for work this week and probably won't be posting while I am away! Have a great first week of Spring!