Saturday, March 26, 2011

Favorite Flea Market Finds

It is a running joke around our house that everything we have is from the flea market. While that isn't 100% true, we do have a lot of things from the flea market. I wanted to show you some of my favorite finds that we have purchased at the flea market in the past 2 years. I emphasize the fact that these were bought over the last two years because we didn't get it all in one trip and it took may trips to find it all but we LOVE the flea market so it was all worth the days of searching! I don't remember all of the prices but if I do I will post those as well!

 Dresser in guest bedroom- $25

 Window #1 of my window obsession- over guest bed (it is a mirror)

 Window #2- Over Master bed- originally red but painted green- $15 (also a mirror)

 Window #3- In hallway- Is not a mirror- Painted gray with mini wreath hanging in it

 Welcome metal basket-hanging in living room- made from a WWII Sugar Tin- hand carved- $10

 Both at mantel: Wooden Buoy- $10 and Wood and Iron cross- $15

 One of my many birdhouses

 Coca-cola tray- on shelf of coffee table- $15

 Blue Birdcage- in kitchen- $20 (a little high but I HAD to have it!)

 Vintage Breadbox- in kitchen- only $5!

 While this tin isn't really one of my favorite finds, I wanted to show off my herb's growth!

 I love this tray in the center of our table. When I picked it up at the flea market, the vendor shouted "$3" and it was sold!

 Metal vintage keys- $5

 Vintage key- hanging in hallway- $5

Metal cross- $5

We have a few other iron pieces that I posted about previously that are both from the flea market. You can check those out here.

I can't wait for another beautiful Saturday to come along so we can go explore even more!


  1. Your house is so shabby chic! I love it!

  2. Great finds! I used to go to the Raleigh flea market with my parents when I was little but all I remember is seeing all the cute puppies! I'm looking for some things for my house here so I may have to go one Saturday!

  3. Yeah! I fellow thrifty girl! Love your flea market finds...especially those windows!!