Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend Projects- Burlap Letter and New Pillow!

Yesterday, while at Joann's Fabrics, I bought a cardboard "N." They are only $2-3, which is such a great deal. At first I couldn't decide what I wanted to do with it; cover it with moss, cover it with buttons, or.... you get the picture, there are just so many cute options, it was hard to choose!

I decided on covering my "N" in burlap! It seemed like the simplest option and I am just in love with burlap. All I did was cut my burlap to the size of the letter and then I hot-glued it on. It took me no time! I am in love it with it already!

Ever since I made my napkin pillow, I have been wanting more of the yellow print in our living room! I just love the color and pattern!

I could've made another one just like it but it would've required buying a new pillow form. Since I already had a larger pillow form, I decided to sew two of the napkins together to make one large pillow. I also made some new fabric flowers and decorated the pillow with them. I am loving it!

I picked up a few other goodies this weekend that I wanted to share as well!

I picked up this vase filler yesterday at the Dollar Tree. I am loving it in this vase and only for $1!

I got these cute mini vases this weekend too! There were $14 for the set and I tied little ribbons around them to add some color! I can't wait to fill them with sweet little flowers!

I would typically spread my projects out across multiple posts but I am heading to Orlando for work this week and probably won't be posting while I am away! Have a great first week of Spring!

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  1. Cute pillow ideas as well! I would love to learn how to add fabric flowers onto the pillows.