Thursday, September 22, 2016

Frugal Fall Fun!

Life with children is expensive….so much more so than I ever imagined! It definitely explains the old adage “if you want til you are ready for kids, you will never have them!” With the costs of simply raising them, comes the cost of all the fun things you hope to do with them! This time of year brings so many festive and exciting things that I am so thrilled to help my children enjoy. If you aren’t careful, you can spend a lot just trying to spend time together as a family.

This fall, we are aiming to do fun things as a family without blowing our budget! Since we are new to our area, I decided to do some digging to see what events are around here that are frugal and fun. My in laws came to visit last weekend and we wanted to take them somewhere fun. I found a local apple festival online and knew it would be perfect!

Since my in laws spoil us, we got off pretty cheap with this outing anyways, BUT it was still extremely affordable if we had paid our own way. Admission was FREE, and we packed some snacks to keep Noah full and happy.

It was the perfect atmosphere to stroll around, enjoy the beautiful scenery, take in the early autumn smells, and listen to the bands play. While there was plenty to spend our money on, we limited ourselves to a bag of apples that would last longer than just the few hours we were there.

There was also a small petting zoo! Admission was free but you had to purchase food to feed them, which was $2.

We were also lucky to stumble upon a booth with cheap face painting and balloon animals. This gave our little guy something to tote around and we were good to go!

I hope you never let your budget dictate how you enjoy your time with your family! Not every outing has to be pricey! To help us manage our budget, I just started using Personal Capital’s free financing software. With their app, I can check our budget before we make any purchases while we are out and about.

Happy Fall!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Wide Open Spaces

When we first moved into this house we found ourselves loving every inch of it and we had a blast decorating each individual room. As I mentioned in my office post, the front living space in the house was being used as our dining room.

We found in the first months of being here that we never went in that space. It's actually the largest room in the house and it felt totally wasted. 

We decided to have a local renovation group come give us a quote to open up the walls to make one large room instead of a front dining space and smaller living space in the back. We were really surprised by the affordable quote, so we also had them open up the wall between the kitchen and the back living space.

Today's post is going to highlight the new living room that you see as soon as you enter our home!  The other rooms will have future posts dedicated to them but we've got some painting to do first!

Here is this space before we moved in and before the carpet was replaced...
View from foyer

Walking into room from foyer

View from my office

And this is what it looked like after we were using it as a dining room, but before the french doors to the office were complete...
View from foyer

And this is what it looks like now!

View from foyer

View from where the wall used to be

From foyer

View from back of the room

Looking toward my office 

View from my office doors

View from my office door

View from the front of the room

You can see over the back of the couch that our dining space was relocated to the back of the house. With the wall down, you can easily see from the front to the back of the house! I can't wait to share more soon!

Friday, July 22, 2016

Bun in the Oven, Burgers on the Grill- Baby Shower Cookout

One of my cousins is having a sweet baby girl in September and my mom and I threw a shower to celebrate! We decided to throw a fun family cookout instead of a traditional ladies only shower.

We purchased a DIY invite kit from an adorable etsy shop, A Sketchy Mind! Chelsea, the shop owner, quickly sent us all we needed to get the party planning going. 

Here are some pictures from the shower!

Ice Cream Bar

Handmade Hoop by Me for Baby

Activity Table

Diaper notes for the wee hours

Guess baby's birthday

Burger condiments in baby bottles

Simple baby banners

Drinks and gifts
Dessert Bar

Clothes Line of Baby Clothes

My Silhouette was put to work for two a few gifts for the baby! I used heat transfer vinyl on the onesies and regular vinyl on the notebook!

We also ordered other gifts from my favorite Etsy shop and used them around the house to decorate... Her Hands His Heart

We had a great time with our family and sweet baby Emmaline received so many things to help her mom and dad prepare for her arrival!

Mommy and Daddy to be!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Adorable Cart with Multiple Purposes

Earlier this summer we went to the beach with my parents and my mom and I shopped around the island one day. We found an adorable rolling cart at a local shop.

have also found them for sale online but they are cheaper typically if you can find them at a shop... HERE is an online option!

I wanted to share three neat ways to use a rolling cart like this in your house!

1: Toy storage- in this case I used it for oversized toys that don't fit in the bins and on the shelves we have.

2: Blankets and pillows- I always like to have extra pillows and blankets around and this is a cute way to store them. 

3: Laundry! This is what I use it for the most. Our laundry room is on the same floor as our playroom and I love filling the cart up and then rolling it to the couch to fold it all!

It's helpful to have a place large enough to store the cart while it's standing but it does collapse down pretty flat and could be stored much easier that way! It has such a nice vintage look, that it's easy to store out in the open.

Monday, July 11, 2016

My New Office and Craft Room

I am SO in love with my new office and craft space. It's become one of my favorite rooms in the house, which is nice since i'm in here working everyday.

This room was actually the dining room in the original floor plan of the house. It sits right off of the kitchen and also connects to the formal living room. We have been using the rooms a little differently. With my office in the dining room, we have made the formal living room into the dining room (i'll post on that soon!).

First, let's check out my sewing table....

This table was our kitchen table in our previous house. It is perfect for sewing because there is space for my sewing and embroidery machines and extra space for supplies.

Next to the table I have my craft cart with more supplies, and my new secretary that houses my Silhouette Cameo. This secretary used to be in my sister, Blair's, house. It has served several purposes and has been a few different colors. Gabe painted it gray this weekend and then moved it into my office! It is the perfect size for holding more craft supplies.

Moving to the left side of the room...

I have a new bookshelf (yardsale find!) with work supplies and a few craft things. The basket to the left of the shelf (found at the same yardsale) holds all of my fabric.

Moving farther to the left, I have my cozy white chair. This chair was in our master a few years ago and then spent some time in our living room. It will now live away from sticky fingers and snotty noses here in my office.

Lastly, here's my desk! Where I spend about 90% of my time...

My desk faces out towards the rest of the room and faces two windows, which I love!

Lastly, here are the two doors that leave the office...

The solid door was here when we moved but we had the french doors installed to close off the space. It allows for a lot of light and I really love the bright feel it brings to the room. The french doors lead to the dining room and the solid door leads to the kitchen.

We will be installing a ceiling fan at some point. Currently, there is a chandelier that is too low for tall people to come into the room. Luckily i'm too short to hit my head on it! That's the only update needed here!