Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Our Living Room

This is the most lived in room in our new home. I love its functionality and coziness. It also has more seating so that we can seat roughly 6-9 people without pulling in extra chairs. It was important to me for the space to be functional for each family member and have extra seating for family and friends visiting.

Here are the before pics, from the listing. The room had carpet but we had hard woods put in right before we moved in.

Let's look a little closer at some of the details.

I love this Victrola that was given to us by a family friend. It houses my favorite clock, a housewarming gift from my Memaw.

We decided to mount our TV over the mantle so that we didn't waste wall space on it.

The wall opposite the TV holds our couch and recliner. This couch is super cozy and pulls out to be an extra bed.

Ahh these french doors... I love them. Noah's rug sits below them. He loves to play here.

Our recliner was a Craigslist find from before we got married, 6 years ago! The little table next to it is a thrift store find that I repainted. It has great storage and currently houses our diapers!

To the left of the mantle is this cozy little chair. I know a white chair in a well lived in space is a risk but it is worth it. I can always recover it later. (Chair from Homegoods)

I thought I would show some signs of life....to show what this room normally looks like. This is the mess that was made while I cooked dinner tonight.

Mirror from Ballard Designs...

 If you're still with me, sorry for the picture overload! I'm off to snuggle up on the couch for the evening!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Groovebook Review after 1 Year

I have been using the Groovebook app on my phone for over a year now and I thought it would be a good time to give a little review on my likes and dislikes!

You may have seen Groovebook on Sharktank, where they really took off. They are now owned by Shutterstock.

If you aren't familiar with Groovebook, it is an app that prints up to 100 of your photos and creates a 4.5" by 6.5" photobook and mails it to you monthly. It only costs you $2.99 a month. You can have additional books made to ship to friends or family, each at another $2.99. To learn more visit their site at Groovebook.com. All of the uploading and purchasing is done through the app though.

I have absolutely loved this service. I first heard about it right after we had Noah and we were taking roughly 100 photos of him a month! I was worried that I was running out of storage space on my phone and I knew I would never get out to print them all. Groovebook has worked as a great way to capture those memories in print!

We decided to have each of the first 12 months represent a month of Noah's life. You can see here where I labeled the books with his age. After the first year, I just decided to select the next 100 pics I wanted printed. We still take a lot of pictures of him, but not quite 100 per month!

If you look inside the book....you will see each picture is perforated and the date and time the image was taken is printed at the top. The perforation makes it really easy to tear out a picture to frame or share. Sometimes I will have the same pic printed multiple times in the same book so I can share with family.

I would say the only downside to the images is that the quality is not always great. I really chalk that up to the quality of the picture that I took. You can make edits to your images in your phone before putting them on Groovebook if you want to.

It doesn't handle square images well, so I try not to take a lot of those and I try not to select any of my instagram pictures when putting pictures on Groovebook. You can see an example of how is handles the square images here....

Lastly, if you have a smaller image than the 4.5 x 6.5 book, Groovebook will just add white space around it. It's not ideal but I prefer it to them just zooming in and cropping the image for me.

This doesn't really replace high quality prints for me, which I still do regularly with special images I want to frame or put in a different album. It does help me to capture all of the other memories to hold on to for a long time.

If you have any questions, please comment and i'll see if I can help! If you want to try Groovebook for free for a month, use my code below! (I don't get any credit for it, by the way!)

Another bonus is that it works as a great book for Noah to flip through! He loves to see pictures of his family and friends!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Guest Room Reveal

Today I want to share another room in our new house with you! Since we started working on Noah's nursery a couple years ago, our guest room has been combined with my office. With the combo room, it was less cozy and was one of my least favorite spots in the house.

I am really loving the simplicity and coziness of this room at our new house. I never really feel like a room is truly finished because I am always moving things around and adding pieces. This room is no different! I've got a little to-do list going on this one which I will share with you below.

Check out the pics of the room...

The chair was in the nursery previously but we weren't really using it anymore now that Noah isn't nursing. It now functions as a place to sit and watch TV or for holding luggage.

 Our to do list for this room consists of...
  • Paint the desk/tv stand in the corner (the color and the chippyness  aren't working for me in here)
  • Swap out the off-white bedskirt with a white bed skirt-- this is currently driving me nuts but it just isn't at the top of my priority list when it comes to spending
  • Paint and/or move the small table next to the chair? Not sure how functional it is.

Have you ever wondered what it is like to stay in your guest room? It may sound silly but I feel like it's a hard room to figure out since I never stay in there. We have already had a few guests stay and I have actually asked for feedback so I can know what would make it more cozy and functional. I always hate staying somewhere that isn't comfortable and welcoming and I don't want anyone to feel that way in this space!

Monday, April 6, 2015

"Stiles"ish- a new blog to check out!


My best friend, Taylor Stiles, just started a new blog, "Stiles"ish !!! She isn't new to the blogging world though, she used to co-author Shabby Chic Chicks! This is her first solo venture and i'm so excited to read along! I hope you will join me!

Taylor is a new mom to her adorable son, Parker, who is about to turn one! She has always had incredible style with all aspects of life. She is my go-to for advice on clothing, decor, and makeup!

(Here we are a few years ago before our pregnancies!)

Taylor has been featured on Thrifty Finds before and she has been apart of a ton of my projects!! We made fridge frames and ice cream dishes, to name me a few. I made the chalkboard table numbers for her wedding! We have also had many furniture adventures. She has also inspired some of my craft nights here!

I sure wish we lived closer but our 3 hour distance doesn't slow us down!

Stay tuned for more features and guest posts by Taylor! And don't forget to follow her HERE!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Office and Craft Room Reveal

Happy Friday!!! To celebrate the weekend, I want to share my favorite room in the house!

This room is the smallest in our house but it's where I spend most of my time. I work up here all day. I craft up here in the evenings and over the weekend. My mom designed this room as a gift to me and it is such an amazing room that she and my dad put together!!!

When you walk up the staircase to the finished attic and turn left you enter my office and craft space.

Let's take a look at the before pic from the home listing first...

Now for the after...

This side of the space is designated for work! I love my desk and how it faces out. It was actually an L-Shape desk. My mom decided to split it up and use the smaller portion for my phone and printer.

The other side of the room is designated for crafting, sewing, and gift wrapping!

The wrapping station is so convenient and it's also pretty to look at!

I  have lots of crafting supplies on the shelves and on my Ikea cart!

My amazing brother gave me this sewing machine from the 70s for my birthday.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my craft room and office! In the old house, my office was also the guest room, It's much nicer having a designated space for my work day. I feel much more productive!