Sunday, October 2, 2016

Our Playroom

This house has an amazing finished basement that offers us a large space for a playroom. It's also where we like to watch movies and football games.

As with any space in our home, things are always changing and evolving. Due to some recent additions to this space, I feel it's time to show it off a bit!

Welcome to our playroom!

This area has amazing built in shelves that we are using to store all of the boys' toys! I ordered the baskets in bulk on Amazon. I made the mistake of only measuring one of the shelves, assuming they were all identical. once all of the baskets arrived I learned that the top two and the second from the bottom are shorter! Oops!

To the left of the built ins we have the boys books and our new chalkboard easel that I recently found on Craigslist. In front of the shelves we have the boys' little table for coloring or snacking.

Across from the built in shelves, is the mantle!

Moving back into the room, you can see the play area from our couch.

We just started working on our canvas gallery wall. I left some intentional holes so we have room to grow!

Across from the couch, we have a built in bar. It has some awesome storage in it. We have a mini fridge and a microwave behind it also. 

We decided to represent our favorite teams in this area and we will change things out seasonally.

To the right of the bar, a little seating area.

And then the TV, where we are currently watching FOOTBALL!

A look back at the couch!

A look back at the bar... notice that precious baby playing hard on the floor.

We spend a TON of time down here! It's one of my favorite spaces in the house!

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