Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Hostess Tip

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My mom is the ultimate hostess. No one has ever stepped foot in her home without feeling comfortable, welcomed, and loved. She goes above and beyond what most people do when having guests. Over the years I have watched her and I've picked up on a few things. When I have people over, I find myself channeling her and wondering what she would do to make everyone more comfortable and at home.

Today I just want to share an extremely simple hostessing tip (copied from my mom) that will come in handy for overnight and day time visitors. Mouthwash! So simple but so nice. We have a little bottle of mouthwash in our downstairs half bath. My mom has them in all of the bathrooms in the house! It's so nice as a guest to be able to use some mouthwash after a meal!

I bought a canning bottle from Target for our mouthwash. An oil and vinegar bottle would also work really well. I bought a pack of little disposable cups as well. Then, you just need the mouthwash to put in the bottle and you are good to go!

Here are a few more pics of our half bath with the mouth wash!
 photo DD31D14A-6B7B-456B-88AF-0BF69B391780_zpss4k7bn4y.jpg

This adorable sign above was a house warming gift from my bestie, Allie. I LOVE it!

 photo 646158A4-91AC-4AB6-8335-21B99307057F_zpshxltp8pz.jpg

 photo 5EB86E70-150A-492D-9E3D-7ABF051C6011_zpsmhmqcddk.jpg

What are some things you do to make your guests feel m ore comfortable?!

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