Monday, May 25, 2015

DIY Lazy Susan

 photo ED5AD162-6818-4C44-B19E-17F51EBB394E_zpsjbgrf2jg.jpg

Needed Supplies:
  • Tray or Plate- Mine is a yardsale find for $3
  • Lazy Susan turntable- I bought mine from Home Depot for under $5
  • Paint for tray
  • Glue (not pictured)- I used...Loctite All Purpose Go2 Glue

 photo 3D7516EF-7EA7-4612-B47B-A21DFD9AAC36_zpsbvvzncgn.jpg

 photo 0F14E487-C210-48AD-B413-2BCB08899893_zpscgwt1fsx.jpg

First, I painted the tray a light gray color. 

 photo 267E4D9C-82EF-4406-8744-2B7351D8443F_zpsfyzfvb1j.jpg

 photo E166E214-3BB9-43D9-AA19-F3565C7E00CE_zpsmjiygq6a.jpg

Once it dried, I glued the turntable onto the bottom of the tray. I stacked some books on to keep the turntable in place while the glue dried.
 photo 4174D5E0-62D4-4804-9A8A-244666D7C1D9_zpsrpuozajx.jpg

Once the glue dries, you are ready to use it! 

 photo 5ED37C03-50FD-4391-81BC-D6D9F1063D69_zpsj70pv5x1.jpg

 photo D407BEF3-5F4E-4C60-92C7-65FDCFD2DF96_zpsrqmypdte.jpg

I also tried it out with craft supplies because I think it would be awesome in the middle of a craft table to house all of your supplies! 

 photo 05C10240-20B2-4601-BC5D-D6432BD78B06_zpsv8oipne7.jpg

 photo C8402E3C-8D01-403C-B45B-17EB2C7B883E_zps1xq0fcnr.jpg

It will be finding a home on my best friend, Allie's, table! This was such an easy and cheap project. I am excited to make another one in the future!

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