Monday, May 4, 2015

Our Back Deck

 photo 6778e01c-ea91-4610-bef4-c8adda15141d_zpsqmhfpoab.jpg

We are loving our back deck at the new house. It is the perfect cozy spot to have a meal, roast a marshmallow, or sit and snuggle.

Our vintage glider was a Craigslist find that we have repainted a few times over the past few years. It rocks so smoothly. We spend a lot of time on this glider after little man goes to bed. It's a great place to unwind after a long day. 

 photo 3AEB097B-D015-4B9C-8B34-B8043A8B9668_zpsjjtoifb6.jpg

The table is shaded by our umbrella. Our chiminea sits in the corner for cool nights when we are wanting a s'more.
 photo 4D415759-2CD1-4635-B406-2ABF6FDC7D7D_zpsqonrv12b.jpg

This big cozy chair is a hand me down from my parents. It was purchased from Costco originally. It is a great nap spot on a warm afternoon!

 photo 5D1FE794-990D-4373-A41A-622A65F7810C_zpstxa5arpa.jpg

 photo 53063A8F-6580-4E01-83E3-F6AE142F2B29_zpshttxh8pv.jpg

This metal bar cart is perfectly distressed and rusty. It's a great drop spot for drinks and snacks while spending time outside.

 photo C4379BE2-40BA-4838-8EC9-02E8E5142FE7_zpsa0rl14l1.jpg

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This weekend we had a family gathering to celebrate Mother's Day. We spent a lot of our time on the back deck. It was such a beautiful day for an outdoor gathering!

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