Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Kitchen and Breakfast Nook

 photo 42011413-49FE-4D0A-A3BB-6410EEE67589_zpstr9xmksx.jpg

If I were to describe our new house in one word, it would be: BRIGHT. We noticed the amount of light in this house the very first day we saw it. It gets so much sunlight in almost every room. There are obviously different times of day where some rooms are brighter than others, but all around, it's bright!

I love my bright and happy kitchen and breakfast nook. The previous owners updated the kitchen right before they put it on the market. I'm not sure what it looked like before but I am so happy with the choices they made! In our old house, we talked about doing a kitchen makeover and it always looked like this one in my head.

 photo A14DDD51-A47C-4788-93C8-77FB80D248B8_zpsxbcsejmt.jpg

I love the white cabinets and the dark granite countertops with the recessed lighting. Such a clean and crisp design. Taking these pics, I noticed that I use a lot of mint and teal as accent colors.

 photo 2C06833F-FD64-4127-9579-0D9CB51AC2F1_zpswabltshn.jpg

 photo EEE5EE75-6C03-4B46-B7B1-46FB6559C18E_zpsndphksjn.jpg

 photo 294B7E4E-2F52-42BE-B386-02AD7A0F0591_zpsb0w2dakb.jpg

I moved my coffee bar over to this house but got rid of a lot of the accessories. With a toddler running around, we couldn't afford to risk it.
 photo 31F815B6-F173-48D7-BFB3-CFF1FAC2BE81_zps9xzmg6aa.jpg

The breakfast nook is super cozy and it's where we eat most of our meals as a small family. The wicker loveseat in the bay window is a hand me down from my parents and it is a perfect fit. My mom suggested putting it there and we were hesitant....but we quickly saw that it was perfect for this spot. It allows us to add some extra seating too!

 photo E19A2B75-D20E-44B1-8CED-F121BA709A69_zpskusvdhbh.jpg

 photo 34435064-D593-48F5-AEAA-FBDFA56E36F9_zpsguzxe0re.jpg

 photo 6F686C6A-F0FD-4A5B-B13E-0378AE6B6F46_zps6owxnjbq.jpg

 photo E93AB188-715E-48A4-966A-B4AD6B5541E2_zpsfiabqnqr.jpg

Little man also has his own little table in this space. It was originally from Ikea but I bought it off of Craigslist. We have really been happy with this purchase, it is a perfect place for eating or drawing or just sitting.
 photo E581E3B4-D884-46BC-8576-38835461A76E_zpswqisyclh.jpg
 photo 88C46F6B-B9C2-4C90-9063-A61D0DCE8AC6_zps4vzqkr97.jpg

What do you think? Ready for a visit and a cup of coffee?


  1. Love the couch in your bay window, it totally makes the breakfast nook a place that you want to waste away your morning! And Noah in his little chair is the cutest.thing.ever!

    1. Thanks Jordan! It is a fun way to waste the morning away for sure and I would have to agree about Noah :)