Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Master Bedroom Inspiration Board

As some of you may know, I have been dying to re-do our room for a while now! I guess I shouldn't say "re-do" because it is really being done for the first time. I decided to create an inspiration board to get my juices flowing! It is going to be a work in progress over a period of time. Most of it will be DIY and all of it will be on a tight budget!
I forgot to number the wall color and the bedspread! I found this bedspread on and I love it! I used a tip from Thrifty Decor Chick, she says to start with bedding and draw your inspiration from there. I pulled the background color from the bedspread and want to paint our walls this brown color!

1) Wall of windows- I want to do a wall of old windows, we already own quite a few. I think it would be a cool look to do a mix of sizes and types, some being empty windows and some with mirrors.
2) Mantle Headboard- I HAVE to have a mantle headboard, whether we find an old one to use or build one ourselves, I love the look of them as headboards!
3) TV- We need a new tv to mount in our room!
4) Bench- I want a cozy soft bench at the end of our bed. We already have a table at the end of bed that is the length of a good bench, I am hoping to turn it into a bench with some cushioning and fabric.
5) Nightstands- I want to paint our nightstands a green color that I will pull from the bedspread.
6) Garden stool- My new garden stool is going in our bedroom, I just painted it white. It is going to be a side table for our sitting area.
7) Standing Mirror- We already have this mirror and it is staying as is, it is one of the only things that is staying as is in our room. Gabe did a great job finding it and painting it for me last Christmas.
8) Dresser- I want to find a new dresser that isn't too tall but is long enough with lots of drawers! I want to paint it the blue color pulled from the bedspread. The TV will be mounted above it on the wall across from the bed.
9) Chair- I want to get a really cozy chair like this one for our little seating area. We have one already but it isn't comfortable so I NEVER sit there, and I want our room to be cozy for reading and working in it as well!

I would really like to start by painting the walls and ordering the bedding and then taking on one more thing at a time until it is all finished! I will be posting up each step as I complete part of the room! I am excited!!!

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