Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Wishlist

I am at a place where everything I have been making cannot be shown until after upcoming birthdays take place! I can't wait to show you what I have been working on! In the meantime, I have been itching to purchase a few things....which brings me to my wish list:

 I love this set of mugs and the cute little stand from pier one...

I really want this sweet ring from Etsy.....I would like it to say "k&g" instead of a monogram.

I have been searching for a cute camera bag that looks and functions like a purse while it protects my camera. This Etsy shop lets you pick a vintage purse and then they build a padded insert to protect your camera. They also just sell inserts for you to put in your own purses.

 I love these gurgling pots! They are also sold at Carolina Pottery for $25, which I thought was a little high at first but now that I have shopped online for them, I think it is a good deal!

I have been dreaming of all that I can destroy and refinish if I only had this cutie mouse sander from Home Depot. They recently lowered the price by $15!

I guess that will do for now :) If you follow me on Pinterest, you have seen this stuff already on my boards! I am getting pumped for tonight, I am having a craft night over here with some is a sneak peek at our set up....a post to come with what we create (the items below and my Silhouette will be involved)!

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