Thursday, July 14, 2011

Redesigning Old Curtains

My in-laws are in the process of trying to sell their house. In the process, my mother in law has made may changes to their home. We were talking about curtain options and looked at some options that she could buy. She really liked the oatmeal color of her current curtains but wanted more color to tie in with her newer color scheme.

We decided to redesign her curtains by adding green and brown ribbon to each panel. After purchasing ribbon (so cost effective, one roll of ribbon covered the length of all three curtain panels!) I pinned it onto the curtains...
I then sewed the brown ribbons on each panel, and followed that with sewing on the thinner green ribbon.
Sewing the ribbon on ended up working perfectly but it was a bit time consuming. If you are wanting to do a quick and dirty version of this you could use fabric glue or hot glue.

Doing this reminded me of how much we can reuse things that seem outdated or unusable in your environment. I think it is exciting to find materials in your own home to reuse to make something new.

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