Thursday, January 26, 2012

Laundry Closet Clean Out

Last week I was inspired by my friend Amy @Eat.Sleep.Decorate's post about her Laundry Closet makeover! There are so many exciting ideas out there about laundry rooms but for most of them, you need a large laundry room. Lucky for me, Amy has a laundry closet (as do I), so it was great to see such a cute makeover on a smaller laundry room!

I wanted to share my laundry closet with you today....warning you though, it is not a makeover but simply a "clean out". I hope it to make it as cute as Amy's one day but for now I settled on clean and organized. I did not spend a dime on this clean out....just these changes alone have made my laundry closet much more inviting!

Here is the terrifying before pic (I did not clean up at all so this is my reality)....

In the after pics you will notice....
- I finally cleaned that pile of dirty clothes and moved our clean drycleaning to our closets
- I threw out all of the old empty detergent bottles and random boxes that were being stored in there
- I lined the shelf with a pretty shelf liner to make it more visually appealing
- I covered up out our dryer top with a runner and shopped the house for a tray to catch all of our fun finds as we empty pockets
- I also put a little chalkboard up (from Taylor's wedding) with helpful reminders (we wash a lot of pens and important documents!)

Here are some after pictures for you...

Ahh can't you breathe easier now? I can! I am going to hang some things up to make it a little more inviting! It may seem silly to decorate a space that no one else sees but I like making spaces inviting....I need all the help I can get in the laundry department!

Please go check out Eat.Sleep.Decorate's laundry closet makeover or inspiration on jazzing up your laundry room! It sure did help me!


  1. Thanks for the shout out Katie! Your laundry closet looks great! Doesn't it feel so much better to simplify? That should be my key word in 2012~! Can't wait to see what you add to the space!

  2. Can I just say I LOVE how crafty you are. I don't normally comment because your posts come to my email. But I had to post on this. My laundry room is so similar and I NEVER would have thought to have a tray, the chalk board with the note (we are forever washing sharpies, pens, and papers). I love this laundry room!

  3. I love the simple changes that you made! It makes the room look 10x better!

  4. Guess who organized their laundry "room" today? :)

  5. very nice! My mom helped me do this a few weeks ago and put a small kitchen mat on the dryer so it catches lint and doesn't move. I love having it more organized!