Friday, January 27, 2012

Lovebirds Pillow- Valentines Decor

We are not huge on celebrating Valentines Day....since it is just a few days after my birthday it seems to fall through the cracks after birthday festivities. We normally do a little something to celebrate and exchange a small thoughtful gift and that is enough for us! I do love the idea of a day that encourages you to tell your loved one how much you love them!

I hardly ever decorate for Valentines Day....maybe some conversation hearts and other candies in my apothecary jars but that is normally about it.

This year, I decided to make a little something in theme with Valentines Day that would still work in our decor for weeks before and after. I do not decorate with much red or pink so typical Valentines Decor could not stick around for long.

I was inspired by a blog post by Silhouette Blog where they made lovebird artwork. I thought it was too cute! So cute in fact that I thought it should be put on a pillow!

I know you guys are so tired of me ranting and raving about dropcloth and freezer paper but I used those materials for this project! I just never get tired of dropcloth and freezer paper is so easy to use!

I start by using my Silhouette Software to build out my design but I did not use the Silhouette to cut the stencil. I printed the design out and traced it with a sharpie onto my freezer paper (slick side down).

I then cut out the inside of the design.

My final stencil looked like this...

Then, I ironed the freezer paper onto my drop cloth (which I precut to be the front of my pillow).

Once the stencil was sealed from the iron, I started painting... (you can be so sloppy here! I love not painting inside the lines!)

Once the paint was partly dry, I peeled the freezer paper off. I am pretty impatient so I typically pull it off almost immediately. The advantage of waiting for the paint to dry first is that you don't have a huge piece of freezer paper to handle that has wet paint all over it (it can get messy!).

Once the paint was dry, I sewed the two sides of the pillow together (right sides together), leaving a slit to flip the pillow right side out.

Then I stuffed it and hand stitched the slit closed!


I think it is so adorable! I wish I would've painted the line a little longer so it disappeared off of the pillow but it isn't bothering my enough to do anything about it!

I am off to the flea market in the morning! Can't wait to bargain hunt! Happy Weekend!

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