Tuesday, January 24, 2012

DIY Rope Bowl

Ever since we finished our dresser (where I used rope for the handles) I have been looking for projects to use my left over rope. I thought it would help to tie the rope handles in with our bedroom decor if the rope was present in another way. I happened to be browsing Pinterest when I saw a tutorial on rope bowls by Ladie's Home Journal. I really loved the idea and knew this would be the perfect use for my leftover rope!

- Rope
- Hot glue gun and glue sticks
- Bowl to use as a mold
- Scissors

Steps I took:
1) Start spiraling the rope and glue as you go. Continue to spiral until you have a circle the same size as the base of your bowl that you are using as a mold. You will have to glue a little and then hold until it dries so that it is keeping it's form as you go!

2) Place the circle on the base of the bowl and continue to spiral the rope around the bowl gluing as you go.
NOTE: Once I got into a good rhythm I abandoned the bowl (It was really hard to remove because of the glue and I didn't want to wait to the end to try to remove it for fear of ruining the rope bowl and my ceramic bowl!).

3) Keep on spiraling until  you are happy with the size of your bowl. Cut the end of your rope and tuck it into the bowl, gluing to hold it in place.

Once the glue is cool and dry you are good to go! I am using mine on my vanity to hold my nail tools.

This was so easy to make! I think they would be fun in different sizes and different types of rope. Maybe in an entryway as catch all baskets?! There are lots of possibilities for these babies!

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  1. Love the rope bowl! So cute and so easy! I always wanted to wrap the outline of a mirror in rope! Wouldn't it look cool in a nautical room?