Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dart Board Fun

A few weeks ago, the hubby came home with a dart board that he found on CraigsList. His plan was to put it up in the garage....but after further discussion, we came to the conclusion that it would NEVER be used out there. Who wants to go outside to play darts? Not me! We found a good spot for it in our living room instead.

We love to have friends over for dinner and games and this a great addition to our hosting possibilities. I was a little shocked by how high it needed to be on the wall to be "regulation". I was hoping it would be a little lower so it didn't immediately draw everyone's attention.

It was a cherry wood stained cabinet but the hubs painted it white so that it would blend in better with our decor. It made it's way onto a pretty skinny wall, but we are looking at that  as a good thing if we have players with bad aim, there is less wall to damage!

Gabe also painted the chalk and dart holders green....which I love :)

We are excited to have some friends over for our first "regulation" game!


  1. Word of advice, I would move it a larger area and put a backboard (covered in a fabric if you prefer a design element) behind your cabinet for some protection-no matter how good the players are at darts, there is bound to be a stray dart that will go straight in your wall/door if you keep it in that spot!

  2. forgot to add that I too like the green darts holder-good choice!