Sunday, January 22, 2012

Window Gallery Wall

We have been moving a lot of things around lately. Most of it was sparked by our master bedroom redo. Since then, I have been looking for new places to put some things that were booted out of our room. We already had one old window in our hallway but I decided to shop the house for other windows to create a gallery wall of windows.

 All three of these windows were found at our local flea market. The one on the far left was originally red and already had the mirror in the pane when it was purchased. I painted it a light green color and it was previously over our bed. The one in the middle is not a mirror but a simple 6 pane window that I painted gray. The one on the far right was made into a mirror by a flea market vendor who painted it yellow. He did a great job of giving it a distressed look so I left it as is. It was previously over our guest bed.

I really love having them all together now, I have a thing for windows and I love being able to see them altogether as they line our hallway!

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