Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Vanity Stools

I have been using an old vanity for my sewing machine table in my craft room for a while now. I recently decided that it would be a great addition to our master bedroom. I wanted to find a little stool for the vanity that would be easy to tuck out of the way.

This past weekend, we went to the local flea market and as I was walking by a booth, I saw 2 old vanity stools. I asked the booth owner for the price of the larger of the two and she said that she would give me both stools for $15. I took that deal immediately (especially when there was another lady looking at them!).

They weren't in the best shape (both seats have torn fabric and the iron bases are rusting) but I was prepared to give them a makeover. Here is a before shot of them...

I decided to use the larger one at the vanity (I will show you the final picture of it when we reveal our Master Bedroom Makeover!). It is getting a paint job and I am recovering that seat.

The smaller one is going in my closet to use for putting on shoes.

I think it is a cute addition to the newly organized closet! I spray-painted the stool white and recovered the seat by hot gluing fabric on it. This piece of fabric is actually part of a table runner that I had left over after making my mom a pillow with it.

I also tried out a trick I saw on Pinterest.....using shower curtain rings on a hanger to hang scarves. It works like a charm and gives me an easy way to sort through my scarf options! I bought a cheap set of shower curtain rings at Wal-Mart and just hooked them onto the hanger, and then pulled my scarves through the rings.

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  1. Great deal on both stools. Love all that you have done with your bedroom.