Friday, January 20, 2012

Winter Wreath- Felt Flower Tutorial

I have been repinning lots of wreaths lately on Pinterest and I noticed a common trend that was drawing my eye....felt flowers. I have been reusing a grapevine wreath for a year now, simply changing out the decor every season, and I new it would be the perfect starting point. I also had a few sheets of white and gray felt in my fabric bin. Other than a glue gun and scissors...that is all you need!

I started by tracing out circles on my felt sheets (I actually only used one sheet per color- so 2 sheets total). I used different sized jars and glasses to make different sized circles.

After cutting out the circles, I cut each of them into a spiral.

Many of the tutorials I have read say to glue as you go. I decided to do the opposite, I rolled my spiral into a flower (starting with the center of the spiral circle) and then used my hot glue gun to drop the glue drops in between the layers. I felt like I had much more control over the flower this way, I would recommend this approach.

Once I had all of my flowers rolled and glued (I layered some gray and white flowers together to change it up- glued those together) I glued the flowers directly onto the grapevine wreath.

Then I hung it up outside!

Excited news! We decided that we are going to paint our house this Spring! I am excited to see this chipped orange door get a makeover with the rest of the house! In the meantime, this wreath is giving it a lot of positive attention!

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  1. Cute! I made a similar wreath not too long ago and love it.