Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bar Cart

A few weekends ago, I found a bar cart at a local thrift store and fell in LOVE with it! It was one of the those finds that the price was too perfect to pass up BUT I wasn't 100% sure of where it was going to go in our home. Well I made it work and I am loving it so far! There is something still missing but I wanted to go ahead and show it to ya....

Isn't she beautiful?!  I decided to leave her completely AS IS. I may touch up some of the paint but I am not changing it much more than that. I love it's character. The mirror bottom and glass top were wrapped up when we bought it, so the mirror was a complete surprise when we got home. I really like it!

Once I found a new home for our new cart, I decided that I want to use it as a bar cart. It will be great for serving drinks of any kind. My mom has always had a specific place set up to serve drinks for when she entertains....I have always wanted a spot perfect for that, and now I do!

My wire garden cloche found a home on top of my large chalkboard slate. I also put my wine bottle holder (a $3 thrift store find) that I found a while back, down there to hold wine bottles for easy access.

The top shelf now holds my ice bucket, my new chalkboard wineglasses, my vintage mixer, and a galvanized bucket with bar tools.

Here are more pictures...

 I love the wheels, they are so vintage...

I feel like something is missing but I can't put my finger on it! I think it will be perfect for serving drinks, it is located perpendicular to my buffet in our dining area, which will be perfect for entertaining. I think bar carts have a ton of character, I was lucky enough to find this one at a steal but they aren't always that affordable. So, if you find one at a good price, be sure and snatch it up!


  1. Sooo pretty!! I really love what you have done with it! I have always wanted a cart like that, can't believe that you got such a great deal on it! You could put some sort of green vine through there or something? That might look kind of cool... :)

    Hope that you have had the chance to enter my Tiffany & Co. necklace giveaway! It is about to close! :)


  2. Love how you decorated it!! Pinning this, as soon as my Pintrest will let me in! :)

  3. She is lovely, and so is the way you decorated her!!! I really want one in my house :)


  4. Hi there, I found ya via blog hop and had to stop in and say hello, LOVE all your creativity and space here.. Excited to get to share in more blog fun reads and inspiration from ya.. I'm officially following ya.. I'm Marilyn via - hope you can stop in sometime.. TY