Thursday, September 15, 2011

Chalkboard Wineglasses

Ever since my post on my love for all things wine related I have been dying to make chalkboard wine glasses. My inspiration came from this blog post that I found on Pinterest. So, last night, for my good friend Emily's birthday, I decided to get all the supplies and make a set together for part of her gift! So it ended up being an interactive DIY gift, doesn't that sound fun?! Well it was!

This is what we made:

This is how we made them:

Wineglasses with stems (the dollar store has a good selection)
Chalkboard paint (from a can)
Painters tape

First, tape the wineglass stems to mark how far you want to paint up the stem...

Then, start painting. We had to do 3-4 coats of paint on each wineglass. We used a hairdryer to speed up the drying process so we could apply the coats faster.

Once all coats are dry, you can peel off the painters tape.

I allowed mine to dry for another hour or so and then I used a piece of chalk to prep the chalkboard.

Then, I poured a glass of wine!

If you try this yourself, make sure you remember to hand wash the wine glasses after use! I don't know how well the chalkboard paint would hold up in a dishwasher!

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  1. I saw this from Chalkboard China and went gaga-- immediate pin. I'm glad to see it is easy to DIY. A must do for my in-laws this Christmas I think.

  2. So handy for parties. I just love chalkboard paint. Thanks for sharing!
    Saw you on TT&J

  3. Your blog is so awesome! Why am I just now stumbling upon this jewel???? I love thrifting and I love all of the projects I have seen so far:)

  4. I made these as a gift exchange gift using chalkboard spray paint...found it easier than dipping or brushing! Just love them!