Friday, September 23, 2011

Cheap and Easy Fall Vase Filler

I picked up some foam gourds and pumpkins from the dollar store the other day....
And decided to spray paint them a creamy white. I put them in a box but the power of the spraypaint just blew them all over the place so I had to hold them while I painted them.
I should've worn a glove :)
 I let them dry in the box....
 My original plan was to put these on my grapevine wreath for my front door.
It was extremely obvious how cheap my pumpkins and gourds were and I was unhappy with the outcome. I wasn't about to let $5 worth of gourds and pumpkins go to waste though, so I put them in some vases to use as Fall decor.

Even though it wasn't what I originally planned, it turned out to be a cheap and easy vase filler for my fall decor. I'm bummed that my original idea didn't work out but it was nice turning a failure into a success. Plus, i'm really happy with what I ended up doing to my fall wreath.

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