Friday, April 22, 2011

Embroidery Hoop Art and A WINNER!!!

I bought some embroidery hoops from a local thrift store a while back. They were so cheap, I knew that I would use them for something (I think all 3 totaled to 50 cents! wow!) I decided to use some of my scrap fabrics to fill idea I got out of The Homemade Home (a book my friends Erin and Josh gave me for my birthday!)

At first, I just hung them up but I felt something was missing.....SO, I decided to paint a bird on the largest one. Remember my bird silhouette from my burlap bird bucket? Well, I also traced it onto freezer paper and ironed it onto my fabric scrap.....painted the stencil....and peeled off the freezer paper once the paint was dry.

I am pretty happy with them!
 I used part of a thrift store fabric remnant in the largest one, the middle one has burlap, and the smallest has a scrap from my napkin pillow!
I am DYING to show you the new piece of furniture they are hanging over but you will have to wait til Monday! I am doing a guest post and sharing this new piece! Stay tuned!

OK! So it is now time to announce the winner of my glass cloche giveaway, sponsored by The Boomin Granny! DRUMROLL PLEASE!!

The winner is Britfrintner!
Congratulations! An email is coming your way!

Thank you everyone who entered and helped me celebrate this milestone!

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