Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Thrifty Birthday

I had the best Birthday EVER! I felt surrounded with love and it was just such a happy day! I wanted to share some of my birthday gifts with you because they were so thrifty, crafty, and so ME! I love my gifts and my sweet friends who gave them to me!
 My oh so crafty friend, Sarah (and Andrew, who trimmed the edges :) ) made me this awesome "N". She used wood grain paper as the background and then decorated with stickers that say different things about our nest, our home, and our family. I love it! Thank you Erdmans!
 So do Josh and Erin know me or what? They gave me this awesome book called The Homemade Home, it has 50 different homemade projects in it! SO excited to dive into this! Thank you Defishers!
Our super creative friends, Dave and Jennifer made me this coat stand. It is hard to see the details from the image on the far right, but that is it's new home in our entryway. In the images on the right you can see that it is made out of a tree and nails are the coat hooks. I love the bottom where they used nails to spell our last name! How awesome is that!? Thank you Heimbeckers!

My sweet friends John and Allie gave me an AC Moore gift card and I can't wait to go shop and get started on my new project ideas!!

Do my friends know me or what? I should also mention that the husband spoiled me as usual. I wouldn't call his gift all that crafty but the Coach Bag tradition did continue and I am in love! I am now the proud owner of this little beauty!
 Thank you everyone for an amazing birthday!!!

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  1. Love your new layout, love your header and LOVE your purse!