Sunday, February 13, 2011

Represent your man in your home decor!

I find that a lot of women tend to make their home decor all about their tastes and likes without incorporating much of what their hubbys love. At times, I am guilty of this as well. Don't get me wrong, I don't overload our home with extremely feminine things but I don't always consider his tastes. Even if your man likes most of what you decorate with, I think it is really important to incorporate what he loves into your decor as well.

Gabe has recently purchased and rebuilt a motorcycle (shown below- isn't my little butt seat cute?!) 

With the new bike in mind, I decided to look for some ways to incorporate it into our decor. I stumbled upon these Vintage Motorcycle Coasters on Etsy and decided to order them! I really love the character they add to the living room. They are for sale here and they also have Dog Coasters in the same design and they are here.

There are many ways to add a masculine touch and incorporate what your man loves in your decor! My brother in law is a Fire Fighter and his wife (my sista Blair) found this antiqued metal Fireman's Shield at the Flea Market and it is now in their home. I love how it represents Jordan and what he loves while adding to her beautiful decor. 

I hope this gets your juices flowing on how to be a well balancing decorator and help your man to feel more at home in his home!

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