Thursday, April 7, 2011

Curtains as Doors

Last year around this time I noticed that curtains were being used in place of doors in magazines. I loved how much this look softened up rooms and entryways! I REALLY wanted to replace our laundry room doors with curtains but the Hubby had a good argument that it wouldn't "trap the noise" as well as our bi-fold doors do, especially considering how close our laundry room is to the living room.

I still had this thought in my head, where can I put curtains?! What doors can I tear down?! In the end, I didn't find such a location in my own home (I am still plotting though!) However, it was around this time that Sista Blair and Jordan got married and were settling into their house. When they moved in, one of their bifold laundry room doors was missing! I thought, AHA! A perfect place for the curtains! Not only would this be a much cheaper option than replacing the door, but it would add some softness to the area. Their laundry room is right in their breakfast nook (as I like to call it), attached to the kitchen.

Blair hunted for curtains that would fit here but ended up falling in love with a set of sheets instead. So, she bought two sets, and used the flats sheets as curtains. She cut open the edges of the seams at one end (you know, the thicker end that is meant for the top of the bed) and slid a curtain rod through them! She mounted the curtain rod above the door and then her doors we replaced!

She also mounted tie backs so she can easy hold back the curtains when she is doing laundry! I LOVE how it turned out! They add so much to her kitchen/dining room! I love the white and tan print on her beautiful green walls!

Do you have any places that you use curtains in the place of doors? Anywhere you want to do so? It is a great look!


  1. I used curtains as a disguise for my craft desk! It is built into a nook in my room so the curtain is flush with the wall!

  2. Hey! Creative and cute way to hide the laundry!

  3. Finally, got what I was looking for!! I definitely enjoy every word you ponder in this post. Glad I stumbled into this article! Smile I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post