Sunday, April 24, 2011

A weekend of thrifty finds...

This weekend, we went to Carolina Beach with my family. It was an amazing weekend! We got to spend time with my brother, who just returned from a 3 month semester abroad to Morocco. We also got to spend time on the beach and just relax and enjoy family time. It was so hard to leave and come home today and go back to the real world.

I am excited to show you my thrifty finds from this weekend! We went to one of my favorite little shops on Carolina Beach, Primrose Cottage. We also visited a new shop on our way home today, Recollections, a shop sista Blair loves and told me I HAD to go to! I am so glad I did! We also stumbled upon a new little thrift shop right next to our condo that I found a few treasures in!

Primrose Cottage Finds:
This large blue crate was one of those finds that I still have no clue what I am doing with it but could not leave it there! It has a real distressed look and I just LOVE it! It was $15, which I was happy with!

I love this green vase! It says "Fleur's" on it but the paint has chipped away and it hard to read. I am going to touch it up. It was in the "half off" room, so I paid $3.50 for it!

Thrift Store Finds:
 This cute little vase was $1, the flowers came with it but i'm undecided on if they are staying in it.

 We LOVED this vintage drink shaker. It has mixed drink recipes printed on it. The shop owners said they found it in a box that had been packed away since the 50's so it was from an even earlier time. We want to do some research on it. It was $7.

I loved this little jar. It looks like the top of my apothecary jars. I am thinking about putting it on a pedestal. It came with an interesting scented flower arrangement in it that was immediately removed! I couldn't handle the smell!

Recollections Finds:
A new bread box!! I LOVE IT! It is a beautiful blue and has a distressed finish! We love our old bread box but I couldn't leave this one behind, we will probably switch them out every now and then! This shop also sold burlap coffee sacks, I wish I could've taken them all but decided to just leave with one for now! I am excited to use it!

We also went to the farmer's market in Carolina Beach on Saturday and we stopped by the booth of a local candle maker. She also has an Etsy shop! I know you can't smell them on the internet but take my word for it: they are amazing! (I am typically a very picky candle buyer but all of these scents were perfect!) I also loved what she used as her candle holders, almost each candle was poured into a different container!
 This one was poured into bamboo! I love it! How creative!

This one was poured into a vintage glass dish! LOVE IT!
If you like these, please go check out her Etsy shop! She is such a nice lady and works hard on these candles! Most of the ones for sale on her site are in mason jars, which I LOVE. She also makes chapstick, my mom got some and it is to die for!

 Happy Easter!

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