Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Drop Cloth Runner

So I am officially jumping on the Drop Cloth Bandwagon! There have been so many great tutorials out there and the options are limitless for what you can do with drop cloths! It is such a cheap way to get great canvas. What initially got me interested in working with drop cloths was a conversation I had with sista Blair about the slipcover we are going to make for her love seat! Our plan is to use drop cloths, I will post about it if and when we survive the project!

I also have some projects in my house that I am wanting to use drop cloths for. I recently attempted my first project using a drop cloth, a table runner. I say "attempted" because I am not 100% happy with the outcome and it is all due to paint choice on my part but ANYWAYS....on with the tutorial. I used this tutorial from A Thoughtful Place to get me started, I LOVE how her's turned out!!

First, I used another table runner to mark the width I needed. Be sure to use the edge of the drop cloth so you only have one unfinished side for you to sew or glue and it really speeds up the process!

 Cut it out....

 Iron the hem...

 Ironed hem...

 Sew that baby! Or glue it!

I decided to do straight stripes on mine, I love the Chevron but since I just did my Chevron Buffet (and since this was originally meant for my kitchen island....) I decided too much chevron might drive me nuts. Also, straight stripes are MUCH easier to tape off!! I taped the stripes 2 inches apart.

 All taped up and ready to go!

 I used newspaper as my drop cloth (notice the pun here, a drop cloth for a drop cloth....ok I am a nerd.) Sorting through the paint bucket, this is when I made my mistake! I chose gray because I am obsessed with it right now! This gray was much darker on fabric than it has been on other things I have used it for.

 I just did one coat and then some touch ups....tip here, don't do this on carpet like I did, a hard surface will really help the painting go faster, trust me!

When I peeled the tape off after it was dry, I was really disappointed! I took it in the kitchen and HATED it with everything in was too dark! It looked like my kitchen island had just escaped from prison.

It was meant to go here....but ended up on my sewing table instead.

I have been meaning to put something down on the table sewing and embroidery machines we scratching up my antique vanity top!

In the end, I guess I am satisfied?! I wish I would've tested the paint on a small section first instead of diving right in. The good news is, the drop cloth is so big, I have plenty of canvas left to make another with a better color for the kitchen!

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  1. Thanks for linking! I want to check-in to some of these drop-cloth projects!! Great idea with the table runner! :)