Monday, April 4, 2011

Anniversary Weekend Finds

So today is our 2nd Anniversary! :) We just got home from a surprise weekend getaway....I knew we were going somewhere but the location was the mystery! I was super excited and surprised when we arrived in Blowing Rock, NC!! I went to school at Appalachian, and even though we were long distance at the time, we have SO many memories in that area. It was so much fun reliving all of those favorite memories and just being away together! Ok, so enough blabbing about how thoughtful and great my hubby is! :)

We did a little shopping while we were out and I wanted to share my finds with you!

Here's a picture of some of our finds. Yes, I am a nerd who takes a picture of everything altogether :)

My first finds are from Mast General Store in DT Boone!

I love our new Wasp Catcher! I was drawn to it because I thought it was so cute and the fact that it catches pesky wasps was just a bonus! The $9 price tag helped as well!

Wow, this pic is blurry! This little thing was hard to photograph! It is a little "shaker" for salt, pepper, or whatever. I am going to use mine for cinnamon sugar! It is a little mason jar, and it was on 99 cents!

 We also visited Farmer's Hardware in DTB. (also known as Farmer's Daughter(haha Tay)) 

 We bought this beauty there. It was 50% off and we just loved it. We can always use an extra touch of Jesus :)

 I am in LOVE with this little shop, Bless Your Heart. It is on 321 between Boone and Blowing Rock. 

 I bought this new mini cloche there, and I LOVE it!!!

Two of the new finds found a home on the buffet! :)

 We also visited a few thrift stores....

I found these little cuties there for $2 each. You can see I am feeding my Rooster Obsession!

We also visited the Blowing Rock Outlets, where I bought some new cuties at the Coach outlet. I am loving my new cosmetic bag and clutch!

No worries for those of you who are worried about Gabe, he got some new motorcycle accessories as well as new sunglasses!

This weekend was amazing! Can't wait to escape again soon!

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  1. That wasp catcher reminds me of those bottles at y'alls oak island beach house, I have no idea why but it does! Glad you two had a good time!