Sunday, April 10, 2011

Organized Craft Space!

So I found myself all alone at my house yesterday after the hubby decided to attend a motorcycle show at the last minute (which his bike one a first place prize at, I might add!) and since it was too cold and gloomy to go out and about, I decided to ORGANIZE! I have been slowly tackling different areas of our house over the past few weeks but yesterday came time to organize my office/craft room/guest bed room (you think it serves enough purposes?!). I didn't take any before pics, mainly because it was embarrassing but for those of you who have seen it before, I started by moving all of the furniture around and then I dove in!

The whole room was moved around and organized but I won't bore you with the work part or sleeping part, just the exciting craft area!

Here is the craft corner all organized! The shelf used to be full of books that we had already read and we were never using any of them...I decided to box those up for storage or donation and put the shelf to better use! Sad to say that most of the stuff on the shelf now used to be under my sewing table which left no room for my feet and was a pain to find things when needed! I am loving this new layout!

 My fabric basket wedged in between the shelf and sewing table for easy access!

I love my little paint basket from the Dollar Tree! Here I am using one of my blue mason jars (flea market find!) for my glue sticks!

 I decided to use my mini mason jar shaker (that I found on our Anniversary trip!) for buttons! Isn't it cute?! (just so you know, it isn't that special of a find after all, Dollar General sells them for $1 too!) I also printed my blog title on a Chevron pattern and framed it! (I got my chevron print here, Sprik Space is giving them out in all different colors!)
On the next shelf, I made room for my sewing box (a birthday gift from my inlaws and can be found at Wal-Mart, love it!) and a little box of stationary (not craft specific but I need it close by too!)

Moving on down the parents sent me the bucket on the left, it is such a pretty green print, it has all of my embroidery thread in it! I made a little label out of dropcloth and just wrote on it with sharpie, and adorned it with a fabric flower. I stuffed all of my ribbon in this vase and adorned it with a little tag! Lastly, for all of those supplies that just don't fit in a category, they were crammed neatly placed in this box!

 The bottom shelf has my "tools" (iron, staple gun, glue gun,etc.) Is it sad that my iron is in my craft room, I use it more for projects than I do for our clothes!

I did leave some space for books on the bookshelf but they all pertain to crafting, entertaining, and decorating!

I am so thankful for the time I had to get this all organized. Today I worked on some different projects and it was sooo much faster when everything was neat and at my finger tips!

Also, if you missed my big announcement about my follower celebration giveaway, check it out here!


  1. ahahaha! I have the complete entertaining cookbook too! I got it for Christmas one year :)I love what you did with your basket and the brushes and I LOVE your printed logo, I might just have to snag that idea!

  2. Super cute kt! I have a blue mason jar just like that one on my kitchen windowsill!

  3. Thanks for sharing your space! My long-term project this spring/summer is reorganizing and moving my craft space (combining it with my husband's study - yikes!). My fave part of your space is the blue jar of glue sticks! How unexpected and cute!!!