Friday, April 1, 2011

A few Spring touches...

So happy we are finally seeing some sunshine today! I hope it stays sunny and warms up! The hubby and I are going on a weekend getaway to celebrate our 2-year anniversary! I am sooo excited! He planned the whole thing and I have yet to be told any of the plans, which makes it all the more exciting!

I am still adding some touches of Spring in the house and yesterday/today, I am adding a few more. I have made a few wreaths for inside but wanted one for the front door. The other day I bought a grapevine wreath from Wal-mart for $3. I love the natural look of a grapevine wreath and I thought it was a great place to start!
 I then added a little sign that I had lying around. It used to say something else on it, but I repainted it and added our name with stickers.

I then added fabric flowers, which I have been obsessed with creating lately! I made the two green rosettes out of ribbon. The bigger flower is made out of lots of fabric scraps. I used my glue gun to turn it into something like a flower. I glued all three flowers to ribbons that I tied around the wreath. I could've glued them right on to it but I wanted to make them removable just in case I want to change it up later.

 And here it is altogether on the front door!

I also made some other "flower art" for our living room. When I ordered my Glass Cloche from The Boomin Granny, they sent me the cutest paper flowers made out of newspaper. I new that they would eventually come in handy but I just couldn't think of what to do with them right away. Last night, I found an old gold frame in my closet and decided to get creative.

I started by using my new favorite Spray Paint color and repainted the frame (shown below.)

 While the paint was drying, I covered the frame backing with fabric, glued on my paper flowers, and glued on ribbon to act as the stems.

 Once my frame was dry, I put it altogether!

 Here it is in it's new spot!

I am really liking it, it is simple but adds just a touch of Spring! It was so easy, if I didn't have the flowers pre-made for me I could've used fabric, paper, or even tissue paper to make flowers too.


  1. I am totally copying your frame idea!It is so cute and springified!

  2. LOVE your framed paper flowers!! Thanks for sharing!

    ps - I'm your newest follower :)

  3. I'm featuring this at

    :) Jill

  4. Beautiful! I love this, great idea. :)

  5. Wow!! Love how you used the flowers! What a fantastic idea. Thanks for sharing!!

  6. I just love those flowers!! What a pretty idea with the ribbon! Thanks so much for linking! :)