Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Second Day of Christmas: Dog Pillow

I really love making my own the point where some of our loved ones will be receiving them as Christmas gifts this year :) This evening, I decided to make a new pillow for our home. I used drop cloth for fabric and used freezer paper to make my stencil.

I found a picture of a dog using Microsoft Clip Art and printed it out. I traced it out on the paper side of a piece of freezer paper (shiny side down).

Next, I cut it out and ironed it onto one piece of dropcloth.

For a picture tutorial, check out this post on my anniversary pillow.

Next, I painted the dog black and immediately peeled the freezer paper off. I am always so amazed at how crisp and clean the stencil is thanks to the freezer paper.

Once the paint was dry, I sewed the two sides of the pillow together, leaving a small part of one side open to stuff.

Once I stuffed it, I hand stitched the opening up and it was finished!

Bentley really likes it too...

Today, we celebrated the 2nd day of Christmas....Gabe gave me an awesome robe from Kohls.

 I gave Gabe a head massager, which feels soooo good!

Can't wait for the third day of Christmas!


  1. Oh man I am totally trying out that head massager next time I come over!!! Ok not really. But I am definitely curious. :)

    The pillow looks great!

  2. I love all your ideas! I am your newest follower, follow back at