Thursday, December 29, 2011

Family Tree

This Christmas, I decided to make my grandmother a family tree. I have seen many different Etsy shops making them by hand, but I decided to try my hand at it on my computer.

At first, I tried to draw it out by hand but I hate my handwriting. So, after erasing the entire thing several times, I hopped on my laptop. Here is the final picture that I printed out and framed.
 I used PowerPoint to make my family tree. I started by changing the dimensions of the slide to be 8X10 so that it would be the exact size I needed for the frame when I went to print it out. To do so you go under the design tab in PPT 2007 and when you click on Page Setup, a menu will pop up and you can change the height and width of the slide.

Then, I used text boxes to start building out the tree. Each person in the family got their own text box and was placed and angled to come out of their parent's branch. I used different colored fonts to make the branches and the leaves.

I also brought in a clipart heart in the base of the tree.

This was easy to make once I decided on the placement of the names. I plan to update it once cousins get married and start having kids of their own. I just love how clearly it shows where we come from and that the love of my grandparents is what started this wonderful family. I love you MeMaw!!!

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