Thursday, June 18, 2015

"Where is your bathroom?"

At our new house....there are two hallways, each with a mystery door. A common question from anyone visiting is "Where is your bathroom?" Even people who have been over before often walk into our pantry thinking it's the bathroom. I have been on the hunt for a sign for the bathroom door for a month or so now (another thing I was really motivated to do after our trip to Jayme's house). I finally found one on Amazon that says "toilette"-- which is French and fancy :)

My hope is that people will now find the bathroom a little easier :) 
Check it out from both angles (I know it's not legible here but it's easier in person)

I kept it real with our normal entry way chaos. I love that I can't see the chaos from the living room, a perk of the hallway. 

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