Monday, June 8, 2015

Thrifted Guest Room Curtains

 photo C5C192E7-EC0C-44E0-A497-7E4B4F1EA3C9_zpsedchzvvl.jpg

Last Friday my brother was in town and we visited one of my favorite thrift stores, Guardian Angel Thrift. I love digging through the linens for fabric or curtains to reuse. I stumbled upon 3 sets of mint green curtains that were $4 a panel.

I immediately thought of our guest room. This is the "before curtain" pic of this room...

Check out the curtains in this space...

 photo D21D610D-C9E5-4A5B-ACE5-CDE7797273E2_zpsrei3jwoh.jpg

I think they go perfectly with the color scheme of this space. Since the bed is perfectly wedged in between the two windows, I decided to just use one panel per window. I think they work well this way.

 photo AE67722D-93C4-4959-A51A-AABD0FEB7C7E_zpsdtmold2z.jpg

 photo 69476E50-F3BD-4188-8213-83870ECF4356_zpsy549qqnd.jpg

 photo 66EF856B-5695-4239-A85F-73F7CD014D68_zpstojdjhzr.jpg

 photo 9CE4601E-3FF4-4C20-B773-C140DF88AC02_zpsgqrat824.jpg

They are bright and airy and they don't block the sunlight from coming in, and I love that! I also love the amazing price I paid! Only $8 for such a nice change to the space.

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