Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Decor Additions

Truthfully, my home is never "complete". It is constantly changing and evolving. There are times where I want to share those small changes but they don't seem to warrant a blog post... But I'm doing it anyways! First up, I've hung up a flag over our breakfast nook! In honor of Flag Day and Indepedence Day!

 photo 11A2FE9E-AB91-4EC6-9A72-29C9CB9280D9_zpslwbznvht.jpg

 photo 10E4DEF4-1924-4489-9794-AA2D302C704A_zpswv74grdk.jpg

A few weekends ago we had a super fun weekend with family and friends... We went to a local Vintage Village where I found this magazine rack. I am using it for Noah's books in the living room! I really like the dimension it brings to the space while being functional!

 photo 3AC205E1-0B04-4AF9-9D14-5E6CBC2D0ACB_zps1qqbwpkt.jpg

Here we are at the Vintage Village...
Mom, Me, Abbey, and Jayme

On the way to our family and friends weekend, we stopped at a yardsale where I found this adorable vintage fan! It found a home on our mantle!

 photo 85D12DE2-FF3B-4F95-99A9-9ACB654DE3D5_zpsreg5t5yr.jpg

 photo FA3A3248-C161-411F-AE83-02410D85B2C7_zpsyirwd8jm.jpg

Here's a peak of a normal afternoon at our house... Ellen on the TV while Noah plays and I clean or prep for dinner!

 photo F1AA1F38-CF00-41BE-AC3D-C7C0D1F779E7_zpsm2z15mfy.jpg

 photo 83266F31-2B36-4437-88DA-EEDD35C8EDF1_zpshwcxogw7.jpg

Hope you have a great week!

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