Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Custom Hoop for the Handmade Gift Exchange- Summer 2015

 photo 841F4FED-36AA-43DD-B551-BA84DD42B063_zpszkqxajpe.jpg

Earlier this month I shared the Handmade Gift Exchange with you....HERE. After being paired up with someone, we asked each other some questions and then I got creating!
I knew from the start that I would be making a custom hoop for my partner. I just needed to know her favorite quote or verse and her favorite colors.

Based on my partner's likes, I created this hoop...

 photo FD5371A3-193F-4347-8504-54BFBC13B493_zpsbxajleev.jpg

I love the look that the ombre thread gave this circular border. I used a solid brown for the writing so it was more legible. I had a lot of fun trying new things on this hoop. I wrapped the outer hoop in ribbon and I think it adds a nice touch.

 photo 3655AE69-B9FD-4F73-9D4B-0261914336D5_zps824njfgm.jpg

I also finished the back of the hoop by adding a fresh non-stitched piece of fabric to the back and then I trimmed the edges. I love the finished look it has now, you can't see my stitching at all. 

 photo DB7C407E-2D36-4A67-B221-3BC69C92E106_zpspmriaxmi.jpg

I applied a lot of the tips and tricks from Abbey's Embroidery Tips and Tricks post

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