Sunday, March 8, 2015

DIY Easter Decor- Thrift Store Bunny Makeover

Shopping in our local thrift store this week, I noticed tons of ceramic bunnies begging for a home. Most of them are mismatched, and just not my style. I immediately started thinking of what I could do with these bunnies to make them work in my home.

Two thoughts came to mind....cover them in moss....which is popular right now when shopping for Easter decor. Second thought was to cover them in paper....which is what I decided to go for!

I bought two bunnies and a book of vintage children's music at the thrift store....Total: $4

Supplies Needed:
- Ceramic Bunny
- Paper or material to cover bunny
- ModgePodge
- Foam paint brush
- Ribbon (optional)

All I did was tear 6-8 pages up into small pieces, imperfection is preferred....just shred them by hand!

Put a layer of modgepodge between the paper and bunny, lay the paper down, and immediately paint more modgepodge on top of the paper. I ended up using my fingers to smooth the paper onto the bunny. It gets messy but it makes the paper form much easier to the shape of the bunny.

You repeat this process until the bunny is covered in paper!

Once the bunnies we dry (about 30 minutes depending on how heavy you paint the modgepodge)....I tied some burlap ribbon around their necks. This helped to cover the flower collar one of my bunnies was wearing.

Now they are on my mantle!

We have also moved! Yet another reason I have been MIA. I am going to post pics of the new house soon....but these pics give you a peek at our new living room.

Let me know if you recover any bunnies! I'd love to see pics!

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