Saturday, March 14, 2015

Bunny Pillow

After our move, I found myself with an excessive amount of pillows. I tried storing them in an extra closet and this is what it looked like....YIKES!

I decided to have two of my best friends over to recover a few pillows. I always love a reason to have a craft night and repurpose things that i'm not using! We decided to use dropcloth to recover them and just used acrylic paint to decorate them.

I used my Silhouette to cut the shape of a bunny on cardstock. I traced the shape onto my dropcloth using the stencil I cut.

I filled in the bunny with two coats of gray paint. After the paint was dry, I sewed the pillow, stuffed it, and sewed it closed.

I followed the tutorial HERE to make a pompom tail! Once finished, I hot glued it on the pillow!

The bunny bottom is now on our snuggly couch in the living room!

Now i'm just hoping that the pompom tail can survive our toddler :)

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