Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Like Mother, Like Daughter

This past weekend I helped host a bridal shower for my cousin, Amy, who is getting married later this summer. It was at my mom and dad's home. My parents recently had some rooms repainted in their house. I think this is a good opportunity to show you where I get my decorating tastes from :) I LOVE the way my mom decorates!!

Check out these pictures from before the shower started...

I am OBSESSED with this living room...isn't is gorgeous?! 

Check out the dining room and dessert spread :)

Bar cart...

I strive daily to be like my mom in so many ways! Her classy style in her home is just one of the many things I am in awe of in regards to her :) Love you mom!


  1. Wow, that living room is definitely fantastic!!

  2. I love the living room....the color is gorgeous!! Your mom has a great taste. Hope you're good!