Saturday, May 12, 2012

Celebrate Burlap Banner

I always so inspired by my best friend, Taylor. She recently made a burlap banner to go over her master bed. I have been wanting to make my own for a while now and finally finished it! I decided to make a banner that says "Celebrate" to use on birthdays and other occasions.

  • Burlap
  • Ribbon
  • Paint and paintbrush
  • Scissors or fabric cutter
Here is how I made my banner:

I cut a pattern out of cardstock...I used a ruler and pen to draw out a clean pattern and then I cut it out...

I laid the pattern onto the burlap and cut out enough pennants to spell out my word, "celebrate". Using the fabric cutter in the picture made this process go by quickly.

I used white paint to hand paint a letter onto each pennant. I let it dry over night and did another coat the next day to make the letters really bright and crisp.

 It really helps when you have a cute little helper :)

When the paint was dry, I cut a slit on each side of the top of each pennant and I strung the ribbon through each letter.

At this point, I was finished and ready to hang it up!

Now we just need to throw a party! :)

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  1. i love all your burlap projects...and your mint green nail polish!!