Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wine and Design

Last night I went to a local Wine and Design studio with some of my besties. We purchased a Living Social Deal for it a looong time ago and finally got around to using it!

I am a terrible painter....mainly because I am a perfectionist and rely on straight lines and shapes to keep me between the lines. That being said, I was out of my comfort zone, hesitant to put any paint on the canvas for fear of messing up. I know I was extremely annoying with all of my hesitation and was quite negative when it didn't look perfect immediately. In the end, I was really happy with my painting!

I took a few shots on my phone so we wouldn't forget our fun night...

Sarah painted the NC State Bell Tower and Allie painted a beautiful beach scene with Adirondacks.

 I recruited Sarah to help me with my leaves :)

Here are our final paintings....

Here is a close-up of mine....

I definitely want to go back and paint again, I think I will be more relaxed now that I feel confident that I can paint something and like it.

I am so excited for tonight! It's time for our monthly craft night! I will be back tomorrow to share our project!


  1. Very cool! Where do you go to do this? Is it in Raleigh?

  2. Katie!! YOU DID AN AMAZING JOB!! I would love that hanging in mi casa!

  3. Thanks so much for painting at our studio! We hope to see you again soon! ~Jenn, Co-Owner