Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hello New Coffee Table!

Today has been such a beautiful and fun day! We started off our day at the Pet Bull Palooza in Raleigh. It was put on by The Positive Pitbull. Bentley had a great time meeting new people and dogs, he also got some freebies: a rabies vaccination, food, treats, and an appointment to be neutered for free next month.

After that we ventured out to the flea market to hunt for a coffee table! As I was checking out a few tables, Gabe called me over to one a few aisles away that he had spotted. It was perfect! He also talked the guy down a bit in the price, which made it even better! Check out the new table!

I am in love with this table! I love that it is old with tons of character, wooden and not glass, that it fits the style and character of our home, that it is a creamy green color, and so huge with tons of storage!!! Props to the hubby for finding such a great table!

I love the old chippy goodness....

Check out the storage in this baby...

It is perfect for all of our games. They were previously spaced out all over the house and now they are in one central location with easy access....

Here is a before and after shot of the old coffee table vs. the new one!

Thank you so much to those of you who gave me input on my temporary solution! I know I didn't get a chance to write you all back yet but you all had great words of wisdom and were so right! It was not a great look for many reasons! I would love to hear what you think about this new piece!

Another beautiful thing about this new table is that it cost less than HALF of what we sold our old one for! Thanks to the profit, I just ordered new fabric for outdoor pillows and for an upcoming dining room project (chair makeover!!!). I LOVE it when this happens! Happy Saturday!


  1. It looks great Katie! I think it matches your decor perfectly! Great find.

  2. It looks great Katie! I think it matches your decor perfectly! Great find.

  3. I love it Katie! It sure brightens up the space and I love the vintage look of an old storage chest. Great find Gabe! Also loving the pops of turquoise in your space..really makes your eyes float around the room!