Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Simple Fall Wreath with Allie Marie

I am a huge fan of Pinterest. One reason I love it is that it gives you so much inspiration and allows you to share that inspiration with others. One of my best friends, Allie Marie, was recently inspired by a few wreaths on Pinterest. After pinning them to her boards, she decided to take a stab at making a wreath, inspired by her pins on Pinterest but with her own style. Allie Marie likes to call herself "craft impaired" (I disagree!!!) so if you think of yourself that way, then this tutorial should give you the push you need to try to create something! Take it away Allie Marie....
I had collected several wreaths on my Pinterest page that I really wanted to make. The main reason I was drawn to the wreaths was because they looked so easy to make. Being a craft impaired individual, this is a very important quality!

Here are a few of the wreaths that inspired me...

I used:
A grape vine wreath
A large letter
Flowers from the Bridal Section
A thumb tack

I chose to leave my letter white and not wrap it in twine or yarn because I have a black door and thought it would contrast nicely. To attach the letter to the wreath I used black ribbon.  I placed a thumb tack on the back of the letter to secure the ribbon...

I then tied the ribbon onto the wreath and adjusted how low I wanted the letter to hang. I didn't choose to make a bow out of the ribbon because I'm terrible at them.

I found some super cute flowers at AC Moore that were right under the grape vine wreaths. I think they were made to be used in a bridal arrangement, but I fell in love with them! They already had wire attached to them, so I just wrapped the wire around wreath.

Last step was to hang the wreath and Voila! 

A crafty wreath for the craft impaired! 
Thanks Allie! Isn't that wreath so cute?! See how simple it was to make such a beautiful wreath?! I love that she didn't use glue to make it can easily be changed when she wants to mix things up. It goes great with Fall Decor but it is so versatile that she can leave it up all year! Great job Allie! This makes me want to add an N to my Fall Wreath!

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