Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Latest and Greatest Thrifty Find!

Yesterday, since we both had the day off, we decided to go to our favorite local thrift store. I was so excited to see that their inventory had definitely increased in the past few weeks since my last visit. We left with a few things, I found a candle holder ($1.50) that has a wooden base with a glass top, I am planning on using the wooden base as a pedestal and the top glass part as a mini cloche! I also got a new teal distressed wine rack ($3), and a mini bread box/case ($3). I am so excited to transform all of these little finds and will post about them when I finish them! Gabe found 6 new shirts as well! Normally I like to save pictures for my redesign reveal but I am just too excited about my newest find!

 We saw this sewing machine and table the minute we walked into the store. I wanted it before even seeing the $10 price tag! Yes people, $10!!! I couldn't believe it. The sewing machine works and I love the table!!
 I wish I knew the age of this sewing machine, I keep looking up the model number and all I can find are extra pieces and instruction manuals, which may end up being helpful later!

 It is just camping out in my craft room/office until I do some work on it and move some things around.

I love how easy it is to hide the sewing machine in the table when it is not in use. I can't wait to get this thing sanded down and painted! They also had two other sewing machine tables that did not have the machines in them anymore....I only looked at the price of one, and it was only $5, I would assume the other one is around the same price.

I definitely needed the thrift store trip, it gave me a creative boost that I had been needing!

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