Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cork Tags

Do you remember the cork tag I made for my telephone table redo? This was it...
Well, lately I have been making more of these puppies for other uses. I decided to show you how to make them, even though they are so easy, they may seem like common since to some of you but here it goes anyways...

What you need (shown above)...
- Cork (I have a set of those cork sheets made for hanging on your walls, they sell them lots of places)
- Scissors
- Hole Puncher
- Stickers or paper
- Modge podge or glue

Start by cutting a rectangle out of the cork the size of the tag you would like to use. Then trim two corners to make it look like a tag.
 Then hole punch in between the two corners so that you have a hole to string ribbon through.

It should now look like this. ^ Now it's time to decorate....

I used stickers and a paper border for this example, the letter is bubbly so I glued it on to make it really secure. For the paper border I used modgepodge to glue it down and then again on top to secure it well. Then you just string some ribbon through the hole and hang it up! I love the idea of using these to organize containers in my office, in my craft stuff, or in the kitchen, and also putting them on gifts (which is what I am doing with this one!).

I also used the cork tags as gift tags recently. My mom and I made Mother of the Bride (MOB) and Mother of the Groom (MOG) survival kits for a good friend's upcoming wedding. I made these tags to hang from the bags.

I also made a tag for the bride's lingerie gift.....I don't have a picture to show but it had "Bride" on one side and "Zilla" on the back! Even though Taylor isn't a Bridezilla, we love to tease her about it!

These are so quick and easy to make and can be used in so many places and for so many things! I have a lot of cork laying around so I am not stopping here!

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